last time everything

Today was the last day of school. Ever. Only few felt really sad, some cried. But all in all, noone realized that this really was the last time we go to Latin class, last time we buy some cakes at G.’s, last time we lie on the couches in the senior’s room, moaning about maths. That really is sad, but as far as I’m concerned… I’m ready for something new. I thought I would cry and freak out but naw… not at all. I thought I wouldn’t be able to let go of school but it’s really just enough now. Time has come (and just in time) to start something new. I can’t wait to go to college, move out, change life… even though I will reaaaally miss the girls from school.
But crying… that will happen when it really dawns to me: no more. But I’m not there yet.


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