your songs remind me of swimming

The article is fine 🙂 It’s rather good, I need to say thanks to the guy. Noone will want to give money, but I can add the article to th  e flyers.
So now I will watch How I Met Your Mother and after that go studying again. The new Ikea catalogue is very seducing… wanna move out!! So many pretty lamps and couches and beds… hmm ♥♥
‘ve got nothing important to say (as always), so I’ll end blogging now 😛
Somehow, today, it was kind of… it was like I was waking up while looking at the catalogue (yeah,weird): suddenly some weird fear came upon me I would never find a significant other that I want to be with or wants to be with me, because of some reason I can’t put my finger on. So weird… like I finally realized that and it’s nothing…changeable.
Like I finally understood. I don’t see myself with someone else.   



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