Germans are rude. They just are.

Or that’s how for example Americans see us, it’s a stereotype. I googled it (just randomly) and found this, which was quite shocking: 
Some arguments are pretty narrow-minded, such as all Germans would be arrogant and we’d still try to rule the world (ummm yes. We do not own any nuclear weapons, Hitler is dead since 1945 and we are not even allowed to start a war by contract, which the  government would never ever do anyway. It’s a woman ruling here, remember?).
I guess many people from the US coming to Germany just can’t help thinking we are rude because it’s just different: in the US smalltalk kind of just belongs to the culture and in every store you enter someone’s always talking to you and so on… that’s just not happening in Germany.
At the same time, Germans are told that in the US everybody is nice – but that’s just superficial. We are told they are just nice to create a positive atmosphere, not because they actually like you. And I guess there’s something true to that, too.
Last year we had an exchange student from… I think it was Columbia. She stayed for some months and the day she entered class for the first time I knew it wouldn’t be easy for her. It’s just like that – most Germans have trouble handling people who don’t speak German. And we are not as outspoken as Americans when it comes to “foreigners”. I don’t understand the hype that seems to exist in the US about Germany, either. I love my country and I do think it’s pretty, still I would never want to go on an exchange here- it’s just not easy to be accepted here. If you speak German it’s not that much of a problem, but if you don’t speak fluent German you’re screwed…
That sucks, really, but I would advise anyone to rather exchange to Spain or some southern countries, which seem to be more open to anyone who doesn’t speak their language.
Still, reading that people actually believe all Germans would be totally arrogant and selfish, even cold, just freaks me out and it seems to me that people who say this don’t think about that they enter a totally different culture. You can’t come here thinking life would be the same as it was in your home … naaaaw.
I understand people think Germans are rude and it’s partly true, but people, there’s surely more to us than rudeness. We just don’t smile 24/7… but we can be nice, too 🙂
That was just something I felt like writing down…I remember some saying: In the US people invite you to visit them all the time but when you actually visit them, they are aghast. In Germany you aren’t invited that often, but when you show up people are glad to see you.
I don’t know if that’s true (considering the US part), but I can definitely second the German part.


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