listening to Al Green

He’s the man.
So what’s up lately? Nothingggg. Time. Time is boring. Much time to read, but Haruki Murakami’s books are just so weird sometimes.  Especially the short story TV People…. A man sees 3 tiny people carrying a TV (!) into his living room and noone else sees them. They turn on the TV and leave. Weird. Totally Japanese. Creepy but fascinating.
May is gonna be a pretty event…ful(?) month – practical training, seminars, wedding, birthdays en masse. Finally something happening! Life is boring lately and there’s nothing to do but sleeping or watching TV. It’s no big difference whether you are alseep or not. People in my hometown are mostly tiring and their life exists of going to work and drink at the weekends and football maybe. They don’t care about anything like literature or environment or people elsewhere but Germany. Most of them. Not all. Still, boooring… graaah.
There is nowhere to go, nothing to do, nothing to look forward to except things far away. If life doesn’t have more to offer I’m pretty tired of it.
Yeahhh I know, that are the words of a spoiled girl without any concerns going deeper than what to study. I know I know, I’m complaining about good stuff, actually… but it’s aaaaall so tiring and boring.
I should draw. And I need something to do the next days… sports, working in the garden, something… duh. Otherwise I freak out, really.


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