it’s a soothing delight

Listening to Flunk…
It’s 2 a.m and I’m still awake (writing this song if I get it all down on paper it’s no longer inside me, threatening the life it belongs to… no.). Just watched True Blood which is, I unfortunately have to say, very very very good… I didn’t think so. But I can tell already I’m addicted. Yeah, that’s poor…
Studied for hours this day and I can’t say whether I’ll be able to keep it all in my head… it’s way too much information for me to keep… like too much water spilling from a glass. I’m full.
Days are lonely and boring. Life’s got no structure since school is over and the people at school we see no more. And when meeting people outside of school… it’s like being pulled out of water, like waking up from  a deep dream. As soon as I get home I’m thrown back in.
My body aches for something to do, somehwere to run or something to punch. But the mind is too lazy to order arms and legs to move… mind’s got nothing to do except save stuff on it’s database anyway.
What will happen when studying is over? It’s the only thing to get out of bed for. Tomorrow I’ve got to go running or something until my lungs hurt, just mooove this freaking body. 
I need to draw it out, but I can’t draw.
Wedding is soon, Simon and I have to practice dancing, otherwise he’ll regret having invited me… His sister seems like a girl extraordinary important to him.
Sleep awaits… but then another day comes. Ever wondered whether we are awake in another world when we sleep? And maybe only dreaming when “awake”…
The solution must be sports. Someone (noone famous) wrote: Human bodies are created for work, without work they don’t feel satisfied. That’s right.


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