Ahhh my parents freak me out. They keep on saying “Go working this summer!! No matter how much money you get!” Problem is, I’m no longer a student so I have to pay taxes and that means I only earn about 4 freaking € per hour!! My mom’s right saying it’s better than nothing but honestly…. 4 euro. That means in the end I get like 400 euro. WAHH.
Todayyy I babysitted and P. invited a friend to his house… if it was just a friend. But it was THE friend I can’t stand, a headstrong little boy who thinks he’s soooo intelligent. Duuhh. They ended up washing the rabbit (!) which I had to save from them and did so much crap all the time… kids. Telling them that rabbits are actually alive and not toys didn’t help at all.
Weekend’s nearly there! It’s the first of May which is actually a holiday Hitler inventend (whoops…. that’s the kind of things you learn studying History for oral exams. It’s part of his “feel-good-politics”). But no going out this time … and who would want to when you could read all about Mao, Hitler, Napoleon, Robespierre and other folks instead? Yessss noone.
Salvation = Monday.
Besides parents yelling this day is good,  basically. 
I know I’ve got nothing intersting/important to say… it’s just spilling all out of me. x)

Where am I now, oh baby, where do I sleep?
Stranded in the spooky town
Stop lights are swaying and the phone lines are down
The floor is crackling cold
She took my heart; I think she took my soul
With the moon I run
Far from the carnage of the fiery sun



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  1. 4 euro pro stunde sind besser als nichts.ich kriege wohl nicht mal so viel in der ausbildung.also sei lieber mit dem zufrieden, als gar nichts zu kriegen

  2. @soulflyy – vorher gab es fast 1/3 mehr – und jetzt hat sich meine situation außer dass ich nicht mehr schülerin bin nicht geändert, also ist es logisch dass ich das blöd finde. ich will das geld nicht zum spaß sondern weil ich damit das fsj finanzieren muss. letzten endes investiere ich dann 1/3 mehr zeit um das gleiche geld zu bekommen und hab weniger zeit von der bis september eh nicht viel über bleibt.

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