Ahhh it’s so laaate. 2 a.m. in good ol’ Germany. But since I’m done with school and tomorrow it’s Sunday that’s no big problem. I don’t know why but right now I feel good: On Monday practical training starts at primary school and I found out there’s some information day on becoming a teacher at my favoured college. Yaaay. Also, I’d loooove to study Anglistics combined with Cultural Studies… just have to find a college offering that. But Nika and I plan to visit some colleges during the next months anyway and we also can go to some counselling service thingie 😀
The job-problem maaay be solved by me just doing random jobs such as doing paper routes and stuff. I’ll just take any job, trust me…
Next week will be exciting! Practical training, wedding, practice dancing with Simon, Maren’s 18th birthday party, dyeing my hair all blonde… For it’s a new stage of life. And the following week I’ll meet my Jap teacher for the first time. Mary warned me about him, according to her he’s a pervert… hehe. But as long as he teaches me some Japanese and keeps the rest to himself I’m all okay with that. He’s even younger than I am…
Soo, there are some big things to come…
And I so wanna learn Swedish, Japanese and Spanish right now D:
At college I’ll attend tons of language classes.


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