you’ll die together but alone

she may believe you, but I never will…

So. Primary school was… exhausting today. Sports festival was cancelled due to the sucky weather and the kids were veery angry about that and freaking around all day. Miss M. had to yell at the fourthgraders (who were sooo bad-ass) as they insisted on leaving, it was a horrible lesson. But the she handled it very well and professional. She’s a veeery good teacher and I’ll give her an extra present for helping me out so much, she really cares about my internship. Plus, she loves, really loves her job.
A kid who kinda threw some trash around in the boys’ toilets got a “punsihment” (staying & cleaning the mess he did) and the teacher wrote into his book about that incident so that his parents would know about it. Hearing that he freaked out, started crying heavily and begged the teacher not to tell his parents. Later she told me his parents are known for being very strict and that the faculty wouldn’t know to what point they’d punish their kid… horrible 😦 I felt so sorry for him… he was so upset, it’s likely they may beat him at home. Who knows…
But now it’s weekend, one I really need… and it’s time for all the other things in life :>

But when your day comes
And he’s through with you
And he’ll be through with you
You’ll die together
But alone


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