but I don’t wish you well

This day sucked ass. Primary school was frustrating as fuck, babysitting killed me.
Kids do not learn the wa grownups do. They have to hear, see, feel what you mean. And I have to learn how to teach them what I want them to learn – which is haaaard. Tomorrow is my first real lesson and as I had a sneakpeak into teaching today which sucked, really, I’m kinda… gloomy. But I’ll prepare the next hour (really work it.) and then it’ll work out I guess. It’s just the kids know when you do something you’re insecure about. But we’ll see.
Babysitting sucked. The kids are cute, they are. But having to babysit them more than 5 hours, going with them to a  circus (!) with one 2 year old crying every 5 minutes I just feel sucky right now, tired, exhausted, negative. The dad just dropped me of and left me with the kids which I didn’t even know before. And later he tells me he won’t pay me! But instead donate money later! I nearly freaked.
All I wanna do is skip forward to Wednesday of next week now and sleep sleep sleep.
I hate this day.
Tomorrow’s gotta get better.


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