back in town

I am, indeed.
Leaving Kassel kind of was a sad thing, we all liked each other and made friends there. The next seminar is gonna rock, as it will be Yacin’s birthday on the first day and World Cup’s finale… 😀
So, after 6 days of being prepared for Japan, I now have a gay friend who’s gonna rock Japan with me, a female friend who’s going to Togo and is as scared as me, I met Leander whom I couldn’t talk to at all cause I freaked out when he visited… (plus, he’s hot… duh.). He’s like a star for me and I acted like a jerk around him… embarrassing. I shouldn’t have put him on a pedestal like I did but couldn’t help it…
One night we went out into a club (called Soda Club) where they played night wax all night (great genre) and we all danced on the floor and he came to me and asked “Are you okay?” and I was like OMG he’s talking to me!!!! *blush*…. I told him something about being tired and all and sleepy and …. omg. I hope I can act normally around Mirjam, otherwise they’ll all think I’ll go down at ARI XD
Maybe he just realised I was watching him all night (I loooved the way he danced…).
All in all: Great people, ♥ them all, and no songs better than the sfd song:
“SFD Ooorganisatiooon
18 Leut’ in alle Natioooon
Bald fahren wir schooon
Dafür brauchen wir euren Looohn…
Bald fahren wir hin
Alle Zivis sing’…”
Zwischendurch gab es noch Ideen wie “Disco Togo dingelingeling…”.
Und Zeilen wie ” Mosambiiik, vor kurzem noch Krieeeg”, “Ghana, wir waren noch nie daaa”, “Nach Japaaan fahren wir mit der Bimmelbaaaahn…” 😉


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