like a satellite…duhh shut up.

Yeah, I’m beginning to really hate this song. Germany won Eurovision song contest. Wow. Wonderful. Neeext.
So today it was Sunday… and it was a rainy Sunday. But we went out, ate crêpes with strawberries and ice cream (yuuuummy) and ran through the rain… which makes my hair curly.
I learned today that “Vitamin B” is everything: P.’s dad called tonight, telling me I should go see the boss of a firm nearby and tell him that he sent me, so the boss’ll let me work there in summer 😀 Knowing people pays off, I guess…
I have called the secretarian of that firm a few days ago. She told me they’d have enough people….huh.
We’ll see.
So now there’s still a bunch of things to do, people to call, letters to finish… better start right now.


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