energy like a million watt

Today sexy Dr. Winter set my fourth rib … so now it’s in the right place again. And an x-ray showed that my spine is quite fine. Yay 😀 It’s a bit askew, but only a little bit and above that it’s perfectly okay.
And he is quite hot… oh yeah. But shuh, he thinks he’s funny.
“How old’s she anyway?” (to his assistent)
“I’m 19.”
“Uh, how cute!”
However, I tell you, putting my rib back in the right place means a lot of physical contact! Hehe…

Aww, I feel somewhat like partying. The Index Club was veeeeery cool ( a pool, a friggin pool!)
Here are some pics. The first one shows the Summer Garden (oh my gosh it was so pretty….).
You could lay down on huuuuuuuuge pillows and relax and there was even a pool nearby… so good.

This are the girls next to the club:

I wanna dance I wanna dance in the lights

Hop in the music and rock your body right…


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