raining in my town

Thunder & lightning!
It’s raining like someone wants to drown the lawn. During “public viewing” (it ain’t correct English…German word, after all) the rain started falling and we got soooo wet that we decided to run through the rain to A.’s place.
First summer rain of the year ♥ Finally the heat is being washed away by the rain…
I’m also nearly done with my college applications (yaaay!) and nearly decided my last college… it’s Bremen! I do not like the city, but I guess there must be nice parts, too. Plus, they offer nice studies. And it’s cheaper than in Lower Saxony :>
I have one college left I can apply for.
Yayayay 😀
I love the heat, the rain, the smell of barbecue and thinking of life in Japan…♥
And Germany won!!!!
Yay 😀


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