these songs make us human again.

Back already, since party sucked. People, faces, unknown minds and nothing to keep me there. Noone to relate to.
Reminds me of a song line… from sucky Jason Derulo, “Everybody’s looking for love, […] ain’t that the reason you’re at this club?”
Kind of true, but lately it’s tiring. There won’t be anyone at the club. No magical guy in sneakers showing up just when you’re about to leave, saying stuff that gets to you, naaaw.
I knooow, I’m pitying myself here, hehe.
But at some point thinking “Soon enough…” becomes to nodding at sentences like “Not everyone is meant to experience true love, not everyone will marry.”
Yes, I’m still young. Lately it feels like I’m too old, still. As if it can only get worse, cause it’s been quite good up to now. Highlights’ve been there, now it can only go down. Weird.
It’s like a feeling, so sure, that I will never ever really love a guy, cause I just don’t feel it.
And feelings you can’t change, so who’s gonna tell me it won’t be like that anymore someday soon?
Enough selfpitying, time to sleep and wake up to another day. And soon to another life.


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