waffles on the sidewalk

The sky was blue and dawn about to come, the air was getting colder. The bus driver waited for more passengers to come, so I just sat there, a bag of waffles on my lap, watching the people passing by. Men and women came and sat down, chatting, laughing.
I looked outside of the huge windows, watching a boy sitting on the sidewalk. He too had a bag of waffles next to him, sitting there cross-legged, waiting for his bus to come. His clothes were all black, but it didn’t look gothic or something, just like this is the way he dresses, naturally. He played with his Jack Wolfskin cap and sometimes our eyes met. An obese guy, about the same age, joined him and stood on the sidewalk. He looked strangely familiar,but I couldn’t tell why.
As the waiting continued I kept an eye on the two of them. The Jack Wolfskin guy was interesting, he just sat there and didn’t seem to care about waiting, when he suddenly raised a hand and waved to me.  Feeling caught watching them, I quickly looked away. He kept waving, and I thought he didn’t mean me, there are tons of other people in the bus. For some time I didn’t dare looking at him, but when the bus was about to leave I risked a last look. He began to wave at me again and this time I waved back, not being able to stop a grin. He made that “I’m watching you” gesture. I laughed, and returned the gesture. He smiled too, and as the bus finally left the station, he waved me goodbye.

That’s just a scene that’s happened yesterday.
And now I’m tired of writing 😀


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