What’s your name again?

Yeah, not so easy.

It’s Saturday, 14:06, boring, hot, nothing to do! I have to get out of this office and talk to someone. But first I gotta finish replying to mails and all…

Today is no good day, I’m all inflamed again and I have that bad feeling that the antibiotics won’t help, again (duhhhhh). I’m getting tired of seeing that old doctor.

I hope soon this inflammatioon thingie will goooooo awayyy.

No news, so far, I guess! I tried sushi, it’s goooood. Went to a gaming center, tried purikura (great thing :D) and I think I will go to the shrine up the hill today and relax… relaxing is what I need, really.

Slowly I’m getting it… ARI is my home now. For quite a while. And today, maybe I take some pictures of my favourite places… šŸ™‚


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