It’s a cultural thing.

Yeah, at some point there must be differences, I guess.

However. Saturday evenin, Koinonia. The day sucked, inflammation thingie still going on, just a daaamn sucky day, Monna asks me whether I’m okay and I can’t help but burst out in tears, I don’t know.

What really hit me though was a Sri Lanka woman telling me later that night: “Why do you cry in Koinonia? You can cry here or in your room, but not in Koinonia. In front of everybody.”

Before this I hadn’t really thought about whether showing your feelings like this is impolite in other cultures or someone might feel… some kind of offended by it. Hearing this made me very … angry or something. She treated me like a little child that has to get to know the rules. And for me it’s not like the worst thing ever to cry in front of people, if you can’t stop it, what else should you do?

Well… this has been my weekend so far. Pretty freaking awesome, huh?

Well, tonight’s a party at the Shrine, so let’s just forget about this… maybe I do have to get to know the rules. This just caught me off guard… very much.


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