keep you in the dark

… you know they all pretend.

Foo Fighters! I haven’t listen to them in ages. But I likeee them!

So it’s another Sunday, lazy Sunday… or not exactly. Telles, Khaling, Hoshi and I rode to Nishinasuno by bike, now I won’t get lost anymore 😉 But we went to Hard Off! Whoaaa! Clothes that look good and are very cheap, cheap cameras, computers, guitars, everything! Nintendo 64 games, consoles, everything veeery cheap, ahh. I’m gonna spend some time there… and next to it is some camera store where you can… entwickeln :D… your pictures, very expensive (30 Y) per pic…), but they look like polaroid picturees then…! Very nice.

Skin is sunburnt, so no more admiring “Shiroiiii” when the japanese girls look at my arms, haha. They cannot believe everyone wants to be tanned in Germany.

So, the girl with many names is going to study Jap now… Frauk, Fu chan, Fu san, FrauFrauk, Fraukenstein, Furauke, Frauke.

Nighty! Oyasumi nasai!


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