Die Arbeit war schwer!

HTC is overrrr! Ahhh! It was an aaawesome weekend, really. A lot of work, a lot of oversleeping (“hey…it’s 7:30…wait…WHAT?!”), a ton of new, partly weiiird weiird people (half jap half american missionaries’ kids, acting and looking like they jumped right out of High School Music and talking about the bible, oh my gosh: “Oh yeah, mankind used to be perfect, but then someone ate that apple and yeah, you know the rest.” *chuckles* WTF?). THAT was some experience.

But all in all, it was a great weekend, great people, yummy food, funny games, wahh! And now I’ve got two fish as pets πŸ˜€ Just gotta check whether they are still alive in our room.

And soon I’ll upload some pics, crazy weekend, but now things are gonna slow down a bit. Or maybe they won’t, because…guess who’s back! Canada Keviiiin πŸ˜€ He came for HTC and will return in November to stay a month until he finally returns to Canada. Yaaaay! Also, Hami-chan came back and will stay until March. It’s a very good feeling having back the people who were here when I first arrived, feels like summer’s back and it’s just whoah ❀

So what’s up next? Tokio, whoooo… though I’ve got mixed feelings about that weekend, but we’ll see how that turns out.I somehow don’t like the thought of leaving ARI, it’s just nice here… and hanging out with Germans kind of isn’t what I feel like lately (except for my friends (& Fabian), wouldn’t mind them here 😦 ).

And there’ll be an Oktoberfest and all, all German stuff I don’t feel like doing. Weird…it’s just that I feel this kind of drawing a line between themselves and others and all that Yay-let’s-celebrate-being-German… naaah. You know what I mean? We mock about Turkish people doing that and we do it ourselves abroad. But however, a lot of new people aaand Tokio. So can’t be that bad. Bla, I’m talking rubbish.

So, now it’s late and I’m supposed to take a shower and sleeeeeep, tomorrow’s another big, big, big day (haha…hunger games ;)) and we need rest. And I wanna see if the fish made it. So cute πŸ˜€


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