Going on an adventure.

aka Tokio.

Me against a city of a million (more?) people, without any idea where to sleep, or even where to go. Tonight Ill go and buy supplies as well as a gift for F., who I am supposed to visit anyway. Well, thanks to my clumsiness we are going to meet 6:30 on Saturday morning. Problem is my arrivaltime: 21.30 Friday evening!

Plan A: Stay at a Manga Cafe for about 8 hrs (people do sleep there) and pay maybe 2000 Yen for that (I hear you get sweets for free…so yay to that).

Plan B: Get lost, start crying and call Peter, who gave me all his numbers for emergencies (“Call me when you are in trouble!”)

Plan C: Get lost, start crying and have a thief pickpocketing all my stuff. So I cannot call Peter. And then die.

Plan D: If there are no free rooms in a manga cafe, search a McDonald that is hopefully opened up all night (?) and pretend to be eating while sleeping.

Plan E: Walk around all night and meet some crazy people, take drugs, get drunk and end up on a junk yard.


Well, I am going to end up in Shibuya at night, so maybe it will be fun. Or maybe not, for it is Tokio and my sucky Japanese. And noone else. But Peter and Akari san gave me their phone numbers (“We are in Tokio at that time!”) and Yukiko wrote down which metro and train I have to catch to get there. Getting back should be okay. You always get back somehow.

Surely I will spend much more money then I wanted to, but maybe that is necessary to survive… will stuff it in my socks. Ha! Screw you Plan C!

Well, what I want to do: Walk Shibuya at night, and 2) buy next Hunger Games book. And take toooooons of pictures, yay.

Okay, I am scared and not sure how it is going to work out, but hey, what fun would it be if everything was planned perfectly?

Maybe I can blog again if I enter a Manga Cafe (internet for free there). If not… dont worry, Ill call Peter.

Wish me luck.


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