song to say good bye

Maaan. Kevin is leaving tomorrow. That sucks.

Ayumi is leaving end of december, Peter is,too. Yuta will leave then.

It all just sucks, none of them should go…

Realising this + being told “Oh, tonight you drink for the third time in a row, don’t you?” *raising eyebrows*.

Should’ve said: Well, no! Seventh time actually. Guess you lost count!

Seems like I got some reputation among some of the female volunteers… ts. But they consider even one single beer as heavy drinking, goddamn.

The last weeks have been kinda rough and I doubt this will better within December.

It’s just… everything is kind of challenging at the moment. Questioning myself, my behaviour, my character… that is difficult.

But today was the first morning to wake up and feel totally numb.

Maybe this is just what happens here, and maybe it is good. But it is freaking difficult right now. Being disappointed of yourself every damned day.


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