mr. mcnicoll

that’s Mr. P.’s surname. nice, huh 😀

We just talked for eeever and watched trailers and laughed and called Softbank custom services, which was fun. Talking to a woman who doesn’t understand English in my worst Japanese, begging Peter to tell me what to say in Japanese while laaaaughing our asses off…

Seems like I’ll have a cellphone soon! 😀 Yay. Not so yay: P.’s gone for the  weekend, Tokiooo… to work. Duh.

But still yay:

“You’re going to Tokio? I’ll be there after I left ARI. If you want to, we could meet somewhere.”

“Ohhhh we will! >:D”

“Okay, sure sure :>”


Now I just need a girl to share my giggly girltalk with. Come on, go online, Nika!


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