>>Oh, and, you’re on main dish tomorrow<<

And that means 2 1/2 hrs of cooking!

I just finished, made some kind of bread-ish thingies with potato-onion stuffing, which was not gross buuut not exactly tasty, for it didn’t have a lot of taste to it at all.

Well at least I made iiiiit… and people said it was yummy. Well, well…

It’s Friday, ようかった!, and the weekend will be gooood… maybe!

The plans so far are:

Friday – Go eat ramen with Mori, Peter and June, rent some dvds!

Saturday – Japanese class, Foodlifework in the evening w/ Peter, later go to Coco’s with him and drink & talk. That will be interesting for sure…

Sunday – Sleeeeeep. In the evening talk to my family&friends, hopefully.  Somewhere inbetween maybe karaoke! Since we didn’t do that since I arrived (!) and June wants to go, too. Maybemaybe.

In the later evening Peter and I will watch The Shining 😀 Yay.

One good japanese movie I watched recently is “My darling is a foreigner - ダリンは外国人・Darin wa gaikokujin”

It’s obviously about a japanese girl and her american boyfriend, and it’s a cuuute movie and pretty japanese 🙂

So, now it’s three minutes to half past 1, meaning I gotta get back to work soon and meet up with Kazu-san for the kitchen meeting, after that return to office work… ahhh. I’m tiiiired, just tired. That pile of work is rather growing than reducing…

But before that, I’ll check up on the upstairs office… just cause… 😉


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