the people i meet

are the wonders of my world…

This day sucked, basically, and it’s Wednesday. This means it’s Japanese class. Which means I try to avoid going there, run the other direction and try to get away from the unavoidable. But so far I got away it seems.

So I sit in the library, in front of the shelves with books about “Field Crops”, “Organic Farming”, “Soil”,…

It’s cosy, despite the cold, and the cold can’t get to me anyway.

When I opened the cellphone, the signal for mail was flashing up and I see the Kanji meaning “Ayumi Itokawa”. Wondering  what she could mail to me, I open the message.

“I think you already know. Which major you are choosing in university does not decide your life. It is just a tool. You can go anywhere anytime you want. I believe so.”

Astonished, I read it again and again. As if she knew how my head can’t get around a good major, how to spend the next years as  expedient as possible.

I never mentioned it in front of her and it’s like she could exactly feel that today these thoughts just got me down.

It is crazy, really crazy what people we meet here. What kind of friendships we build up and how everybody feels like ARI is your family and your home.

Not always, certainly not always, but these small things remind me. That this is my home. And these people are my family.


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