I wont ever be your cornerstone

Aaand I’m back from Tumblr! For now.
Whooo! I felt like returning to Xanga for some reason.
At this very moment, I am eating organic yogurt, which reminds me of my workplace in Japan and reading BBC news, which are good!
Nevertheless, the power station is undeniably more stable than at any time last week, and for the first time the International Atomic Energy Agency says it ‘has no doubt’ that the crisis will be overcome.”
This hopefully means that I will be able to return soon. And until then I can enjoy my vacation… more or less.
It’s only been so many days since I came back but already I’m wasting time and feeling frustrated.
I need something to do! So today I cleaned up my room and donated 2/3 of my clothes from my closet and tidied up some more… I plan to eat less and more healthy, collect more donations and get in touch with ARI again. I want to take walks to release stress and  get applications ready for university.
And tomorrow, we’ll go out for breakfast :>
Time to make a move. I feel the energy from ARI being wasted, I need to utilise it. Now!
But I am missing someone and it makes me want to slow down, lie down and wait…


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