more than just memories

Whilst reading a report by another volunteer about the earthquake and the following days and how she coped with it, it felt like reading my own memories. The fear of another earthquake that makes you jump every time there is a strange sound or a aftershock. The warning chime for earthquakes you can hear on TV, radio and your cell that makes me shake… permanent, sometimes increasing, sometimes decreasing fear and adrenalin in your blood. No good…
I didn’t have time to think about what happened and I don’t want to do that now or remember. When I’m with friends, I forget about it or push it away, but everytime I’m alone it’s impossible not to worry about friends, ARI, radiation… and uncomfortable memories.
But what’s better than distraction? So now I’m watching Pushing Daisies, drinking tea and looking up universities…
… and above that, hope that Peter will be okay in Ibaraki. 


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