there’s no one else to blame

So, it’s  saturday already, since it is a quarter past twelve.
Gotta admit, I am a little drunk since I drank two Long Island Ice Teas, hoping it would make my shoulder ache less. Note to self, it does not.
Attached speakers to my iPod and it’s wayyyy to quiet, not enough sound for the car. I really hate my sister right now for DESTROYING the only opportunity to listen to music via iPod in the car. HATE.
Gotta find a way to make it louder, louder…
But the evening was funny, meeting old friends. Nothing’s changed, really. Same old, same old…
I do feel that I have changed, for the better. Maybe noone else does,  but that is okay. I will go to bed soon, so I won’t be so tired tomorrow, and I still have to pack some stuff, so I better get going now… Week’ll be good!!
Oyasumi nasai, minna san…


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