by George Micheal, currently played on “Tribal FM” via iTunes radio.
Yes I gotta have faith! Faith, faith, faith-ah!
Just finished sending mails to graduates for Akari san, whoooot. It’s good to help her 😀
And now that I kind of know I will go back to (a potentially dangerous, now quite serious, not so funny) Japan, I feel like partying in Germany!
Whilst my boyfriend is going on and offline, working 24/7 or rather 25/8, and only “doing ok” :/
Don’t know if I even can, but I really wanna be with him now and try to lift his mood and go out, somewhere else. Make him eat, talk, rest, sleep.
Buuut until that is possible, I’ll stay online and wait for him to return.
Tomorrow, n-joy will start their special radio programme again, yay! Best thing about Easter 😀 Plus perfect weather, time, family, friends…
Happy ❤
Ahh. It feels good to be in love. Even though being so far away from each other, just thinking about situations, memories… makes me smile 🙂
And someday soon, missing will be over, finally.


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