>>These walls were never really there
Nor the ceiling or the chair…<<

Decisions are to be made soon, and decision-making is not really my favourite thing. People say: Don’t study Cultural Studies, you will end up as a taxi driver or remain unemployed foreeeever!
People say: Study business, management or politics to get a job!
Thinking about futures is way too heavy! Who knows if I’ll get a job with studying A or B, who knows…?
Anyway. I can do more than I thought, maybe.
So I will see how I can connect business, culture, language… and see. Why hold back? I can do more. It’s just me, and I will decide. People, leave it be! I don’t care what you say. This is my life, I will live it where I want to, however I want to, with whoever I want to.

>>I’m not full of fear,
cause I’m not really here.
I’m nowhere near here.<<
The Escapist


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