Ohashi Trio – 大橋トリオ

At the moment I really enjoy this band, or this guy: Ohashi Trio!
Kimiji introduced me to this artist, who sings in bith English and Japanese.
Here go my favourite songs:
1. Shine (awesome video as well, Wedding Videos are so cute…)
2. Bird (one of the nicest videos I have ever seen)
3. Gravity
4. Dancing in the moonlight (cover)
5. Shizk

Above that, I really like Bosse lately:
1. 3 Millionen
2. Weit weg (tolles Video, das richtige ;_;)
3. Niemand Vermisst Uns

Japanese songs have really cute meanings, usually. They deal about love, missing someone, loneliness, friendship.
A female artist, Maaya Sakamoto, wrote:
>> If someone is calling my name,
if I can keep calling someone’s name,
I feel like I can go to the ends of the earth.<<

She writes great lyrics, really.
Her song “Mameshiba” has a great meaning. The first lines go like this:

Yesterday’s rain let cold stars shower on the city to the east
You, in sorrow, quietly hum by yourself
My favorite song

I have to go
He has wandered into a deep darkness and no one will help him
Me, I can run on just what’s dear to me to any place without losing my way
So, call my name again and again, loud and clear
kinou no ame wa higashi no machi ni tsumetai hoshi wo furaseta
kanashii kimi wa hitori de shizuka ni
atashi no daisuki na uta wo kuchizusamu

fukai kurayami ni mayoikonda kare wo daremo tasukete kurenai
atashi nara itoshisa dake de donna basho e demo  mayowanai de hashitte  yukeru
dakara ooki na koe de nandomo atashi no namae wo yonde

These lyrics really represent the Japanese mentality, the Japanese mindset.
People who seem to recognise the smallest things in life.


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