Going hooome!

Yaay my parents said YESSS to letting me go back to Nishinasuno for one week! YAAY šŸ˜€
So I can do all the stuff I can’t do here, spend time with everyone, finally take pictures with my lomo cam AAAND meet everyone! And do pigs FLW! YAY šŸ˜€ I feel like dancing an am reaaaally happy… ā¤
Eat Gyoza at Utsunomiya Gyoza, go to Coco’s and Trial, go to Japanese class (ahhh!!!!<3)!!! Yay ā¤ And I definitely have to go up the hill again and take pics.
The good thing is, I’m also really looking forward to Germany. Win-win- situation šŸ˜€
And I have so little to do here at Tsurukawa (outside of work, whilst work is literally from 6.30 to 6.30. Literally.) that I can study Japanese everyday and I can already feel me getting better (finally able to conjugate, yay!).
Yay-day ā¤
And the weekend I will spend in Tokyoooo šŸ˜€ Maybe go to Kamakura, or Ueno doubutsu-en (Zoo). Waaa ā¤


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