Life lies in the blink of an eye

One year is nearly gone and over, 365 days of not being where I was raised and spent 99% of my life so far.
365 days of meeting people from where I’ve never been, hearing stories I could never imagine, meeting people who’ve seen things I couldn’t even dream of.
It was worth every single day that I was pissed off, felt lonely or silly. It was worth all the money that I spent ( a TON). It was worth every second of every day of every month of the whole year. It was worth freezing my ass off in winter and sweating like hell in summer. Worth every encounter
I feel heavy when I think about leaving… but light at the same time, knowing that I can come back anytime.
Japan feels familiar, no matter where I go. I can’t believe how nice Japan has been to me, how welcoming and warm-hearted.
I can’t believe how lucky I was to meet, Peter, Ayumi, Aya, Hisa, Hami, Sachiko, Akari, Yukiko, Sanae, Kevin, Osamu, Timo, Jil, Kazu, Miatta, Sam, Lidia, Butog, Sumathi, Yuta, Mori, Mitsuru, Hiromi, Kaori, Chika, Hozu, Takeru, Hoshi, Ami, Adam, Taka, Nabe-bucho, Moe, Steve, …so many more. Even Wakuchin, even Jonathan.
Life is wayyy too crazy.
How did I get here? How could I be so lucky? How do we meet at ARI? How come everyone meets someone to trust, to be friends with, to love?
Whatever brought us here, みんなに会えたよかった。
You showed me a glimpse of what really is important.
Now I want to go back and meet my friends ❤


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