Fight for your right to party!

and move move move! Never stop!

One of the theories of mine is that the body is made for work. Not sitting, lying, typing, staring. Not walking. Running!

It’s for dancing, jumping, running, building, connecting, creating. Moving, feeling your body and the blood rushing and the sweat running. The heart hitting hard against your chest and the lungs burning whilst you bend to catch your breath again.

It’s for making music, strumming, screaming and singing! For hearing the beat and moving to it.

It’s for knitting and painting and handicraft and cooking.

Digging and planting and sowing and harvesting.

So let’s get up and make our bodies work!

That’s why we need to go and party next weekend , we need to move and dance and fight sleep and become one with the swaying and jumping crowd to the sound that the dj feeds us. Cause we are hungry!

Nothing is more bland than stagnancy. Let’s break the deadlock!


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