It’s 2 AM


and I miss Tokyo! Miss strolling its streets and miss going by subway, taking the Ginza line to Shibuya.

Miss going to Coco’s with Ami and Julia, miss cooking with Miatta and Kazu, miss laughing with Steven, Fuji and Akari.

Miss cleaning eggs with Uncle Timo and watching pigs giving birth with Jil.

Miss doing Foodlifework with the director.

Miss even taking the last train on Odakyu line back to Tsurukawa eki on Sunday nights.

Miss watching stars whilst cycling down the hill.

Miss sitting next to Nogi Pond, chatting and drinking.

Miss baking waffles for lunch on Saturdays and sleeping under the kotatsu whilst talking to Hisa and Ayumi.

Miss talking in English and Japanese…!

Miss the sound of my cellphone when there’s a new e-mail…

Miss drinking green tea with Junko san

and the way Masayo says “Ohayou!” or Moe’s high pitched voice.

Miss something I can never get back.


But looking at the memories, I can’t help but smile.


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