The first semester is only about to start tomorrow (5 o’clock; Foreign Law. Duh?), but already I start preparing going abroad…

and it is depressing! Only few Japanese universities offer non-degree programs for international students in English and they are VERY expensive. Without  a scholarship, it is impossible to attend these unis. And taking a glance at Temple University Japan’s admission process let’s me catch a glimpse of the huuuuuge amount of work a single application is going to be. Just having all your docs translated into English…uah! Let alone applying for tuition fee financial aid. Impossible thing?

But anyway, TUJ accepts students going for a non-degree program in English, so it’s worth a try! I’ll definitely go for it.

It’s just that it is 10.000 times easier if your uni is already cooperating with the specific uni.

Other options might be Keio and Todai. Just that going to Todai is an impossible thing, it being the most reknown uni in Japan 😉

Anyway! To go anywhere I gotta step up the game quite a bit and go for a good degree right from the start. So I better work&study as much as possible from now on.

My near-future goals are passing JLPT N4 next year in July and TOEIC next year or 2013. Maybe even 2013, since the whole thing expires two years after you received the certificate. Alas 😦 But TOEIC’s got my ambition up and I wanna do it!

Anyway. If all the uni stuff does not work out, I’ll apply for an internship at DAAD in Tokyo. And maybe go for a study-abroad program somewhere else in Asia – Hong Kong, Philippines, Singapore or New Zealand, maybe Australia? It all depends on scholarships…

Going to a super small university in a small cute town somewhere in Germany makes the whole thing of going abroad seem impossible, though!  But impossible is nothing 🙂







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