I’ll remain no more than is required of me

Preparing for going hooooome. Home # 1.
Home # 2 is where I am seated this very moment. Strange to say so, but it feels like home…
And home # 3 is somewhere else 🙂 Actually, it’s 4 homes… too many homes!
As home is where the heart is, there’s a million places I feel at home at.

Preparing means eating all the biological food I have. Tomatos, plums and bell peppers. All need to be eaten until tomorrow morning. Puke 😦 Unfortunately, two tomatos already went on a one way trip to the trash bin cause you could see cute little mould growing… cute but gross.
Gotta pack and decide whether to take laundry with me or not… Yes, no, maybe? It’ll be a ton that’s gotta be carried on the way back. Hehe 😀 But it’s good for the environment. Go, environment! You suck, health!
I am treating my health badly these days anyway. Too many sweets and today I even skipped Kendo. Which I shouldn’t have! Cause I am already going to skip two weeks from now, cause it’s a buddy’s birthday.
Uh oh…

This night definitely needs more sleeping, less being awake and less nightmares.
No more shaking.

Let’s party this weekend away!!!


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