Taking a step back

Just a bit more, and the time is up again. Too fast!

Last week I went to my old work place for 3 days.

I left Tokyo on a Shinkansen headed towards Sendai, got off at the right station and waited for a friend who picked me up.

When I got there, I gave some people a big shock and got the warmest welcome I could ever imagine. All the love towards me reminded me of the reason I love this place and the people living and working there so much.

It being the best thing to do, I jumped right into work and helped out in the kitchen, cooking and chatting with old friends. Later, I helped J. out in the dormitory, which was fun as well, even though we are not exactly the closest friends.

The following days I got to help out my former boss in the office, worked on the farm and in the basement. Even though it was only three days spent there, which is a painfully short time really, still it was such a relaxing time, talking and enjoying food and work with friends who I haven’t met in quite a whole. It was a lot of work again, but it just doesn’t feel like it. One morning in the pig pen, I really thought: I would prefer feeding the pigs and cleaning the pen to shopping anytime!

It’s just really calming, basic work that makes me feel good and focus on what is important.

A. and I agreed: money in the end, is of no importance at all, ever. It just takes an earthquake to take all of the old rules and regulations and ways of society away. Maybe only for a short time, but it will.

Also I could meet S. san, who helped me out of the building after the earthquake last year. Actually, I kind of forgot about that, or the memory just slipped away somehow. Only when he reminded me, I thought: Right! If he hadn’t been there, who knows… I don’t think something would have happened, but at the same time I was told that someone else in Tochigi died whilst hiding under a table, having been hit by something.

On Friday it was time to say goodbye, which again reminded me of how much I hate good-byes.

But knowing that we will meet again soon it was much easier.

Those three days charged my batteries a lot and lead me back to what I really want and what might happen in the future.



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