feeling the moment

What a weekend! 

We went to see a few bands that played in town on Friday night and it was reaaally good. Das ist Kunst, mindestens in 1000 Jahren!

Then there was a lost of reading and studying and doing laundry and writing essays and eating and drinking loads of tea. Now the Darjeeling is gone. Sigh.

Then we sat down on the couch, the kitchen table in front of us, some good wine, some good food, some good talks. The guys came, and things became hilarious and we danced, laughed and drank cocktails J. and T. made – Caipirinha, Pina Colada, Cuba Libre…. turns out, Mexicans and Brasilians do make cocktails best! 😀 We spoke in English, German, Spanish, Portugese, Japanese, listened to Mexican and German folk music with all of us singing along like hell. Then somehow, even though the “We’re so busy and tired” argument came up, they convinced us to go to the club nearby where we stayed until we were kicked out… into a new morning. Urah! It was bright like it was in the middle of the day, which we couldn’t believe, until we parted to finally go home and collapse on/into our beds and  then sleep, sweet sweet sleep…

Resumee: I want to go to Brazil, badly. I need to learn Spanish, very badly. We NEED to do this again!!

Tonight, we just relaxed on the couch, watched football and chatted about this and that, and I thought: I don’t want to be anywhere else but here right now, just now.

But then again, I want to be in Tokyo and cuddle on the couch with my boyfriend who’s jealous of the guy that I talked to in Japanese all night yesterday 😉

And I want to be in my hometown and have discussions about life and how the world works and jobs and death and meanings of things seeming meaningless with my parents. And driving in the car with friends and going places we’ve known for years, and that have known us for years.

I love all these three parts of my life.Image


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