The road so far

There’s a taifun outside shaking the houses with mighty winds and hiding the skyscrapers behind curtains of rain, with an occasional thunder roar filling the sky like we were right between the clouds…

So where are we now? It’s nearly half an hour past 12, and it’s been dark since 6, proving autumn isn’t only in the air, but in the world’s rotation. No matter how hot the days remain, autumn slowly settles in my mind as well.

Going to work every day, even though I lack tasks lately, is a nice piece of every day life, and I can imagine it to actually become more than just a piece. I got a step closer to knowing what work I want to do later on, which makes the lack of tasks worth it.

But however, soon this too is over again, only to make way for a new semester, new tasks and definitely new challenges.

Lately, I have felt more in pieces that ever, so apart, all over the place. There’s pieces of me everywhere, and I can’t seem to gather all of them ever.

Until Sunday I realised that these pieces are not independent, but all connected, and I’m not scattered, but actually rooted in many places. And that doesn’t mean that I cannot belong to all places at the same time. I do, and it makes me who I am.

And above all, I’m lucky to be able to have met the people along the way, learned so much from them until they eventually lead me to Now, where I feel like I’m closer than ever to actually having a dream. The question asked two years ago might be answered.



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