The other day we listened to a presentation on how supporting the local supermarkets or involving in local activities helped sustainability, and I found that I strongly agree (besides it being the cutes presentation EVER. Oh my. Such cuteness.)

Working with kids and their parents, who live here and do not plan on moving anytime soon, makes me feel much more connected to the area and city. My image of the city became much more versatile and positive.

Also, buying products from local people helps that feeling, just being aware of your surroundings…

Luckily, there are many possibilities to get involved in local and university projects and activities … we are hella fortunate! 😀

For some weirdo reason I’ve been thinking about motherhood a lot lately. How it’s actually REALLY hard (or that’s what it looks like) and takes a lot of strength and endurance. Society’s image of mothers makes the job seem so easy and natural, but it’s a hard job to take care of your kid(s) and love them unconditionally at all times… In this state of my life, I’m still much too selfish to have children yet.

Somehow, mothers seem to gather the world’s most secret wisdoms and are the most knowledgeable creatures among humanity to me. It’s amazing to see how a mother, no matter if she went to uni or never even went to school, knows things about life and death and everything inbetween. Surely this doesn’t include every mother out there, but many, I’d say.

I take a bow!


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