party like a rockstar

Weekend’s over and it was way funnier than I had imagined. On Friday I did basically nothing, on Saturday I went out with Andrea, Karina and a friend of theirs + her boyfriend. When we entered his parents’ flat I remembered old times… the flat loked ragged and the parents unemployed. But nonetheless they were really nice and funny.
We also went to a pub nearby (3 bottles of sparkling whine later) but I got home at 1 a. m. already.
Yesterday Mum, my sis and me went shopping. And who’d have thought: I found an amazing prom dress, shoes and a necklace fitting both. I loooove the outfit! The dress is kind of champaign-coloured, the shoes are peeptoes (and hiiigh) and the necklace I wouldn’t normally wear but it suits the outfit. I’ll upload some picture soon.
Today I studied History so far and already finished German History from 1930-1945 and next is the French Revolution which I’ll hopefully finish by Tuesday to get over to the next topic which is China. So far I practice free speech every night and this makes me optimistic to beat the exams 😀
Now I’ll have a break from studying and get me a sandwich from Subway I think… I have to bring some letters to the post office anyway. The first three fundraising letters….uhuhhh.
And good news go along with that: my parents will keep receiving money (Kindergeld) for me! 😀 This means my gap year is acknowledged as a social gap year! Relieeeef.


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