Ah, no work! Well, there may be some. But staffs are gathering in a meeting – staffs only – my office work is done for the day and there are 45 minutes to kill until kitchen calls for my help. So far I already checked all kinds of universities, and Fulda and Bremen are still No. 1. Definitely.
All the others are good as well – but not as good.
What to do tonight`? I am the only volunteer, which gets a bit lonely from time to time. Still, the participants are awesome people 🙂
I think tonight I will walk to the park and enjoy the view… and study some Japanese maybe.
Walk around town and see if I can find a nice cafe or something. It’s a bit difficult though to find any good place to hang out at around here :S
Plus, I am dead & done every day, for kitchen work is really draining my energy and getting up at 6 daily as well.
I miss Peter and hanging out with folks like Aya, Hami, Ayumi, Hisa… but we will meet soon 🙂
And Fuji is here! It’s awesome to talk to him and he’s really funny, it’s nice to have him around.

Back to…”work”, I guess.


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